Ashley Brunton, LPCC, ACHT


Depression, anxiety and life changes are some of the most prevalent issues that affect us today. I have a great deal of passion for working with adolescents & adults to deal with current struggles surrounding these areas. I have over 15 years of experience using supportive techniques to nurture the Mind, Body and Spirit. I use a variety of approaches to help create a shift into more mindful living. As we become more balanced as a whole, we become less prone to dis-ease.

In addition to a MS in clinical counseling, I also have a degree in art therapy and advanced training in heart-centered hypnotherapy and yoga.  Art therapy and hypnotherapy are powerful tools to process areas of strong emotional content. Hypnotherapy is a healing modality that heals on a very deep emotional level that talk therapy can only partially access.

My style consists of a holistic approach to facilitate balance, trust, honesty, effective communication and problem solving skills; which ultimately aid in increased insight and awareness. I believe in focusing on strengths that each individual possess and building upon those strengths. The therapeutic process is an unfolding and organic process that can be a powerful source for growth and insight.

I welcome the opportunity to be a helping hand to you and your family.